A Cloth Diaper Update for 9 Month Old Twins

by rebecca on January 5, 2013

Yes, yes. It’s the diaper discussion AGAIN! LOL! We laugh in the face of our old-used-to-be-single-selves where we shrieked away from the idea of human excrement or heaven-forbid talking about it! We laugh in the face of all-things-once-thought-taboo-or-gross. We laugh because we are moms. Moms who will tend to our little ones whatever the “cost”, be it our noses, our gag reflexes, or even our intelligent conversations. And today, we are super moms. Why? Because we are going there again! Hello diapers.

So, if you have seen any of our previous vlogs on cloth diapers, you know Erin’s “crusade” to use cloth diapers…not because of any environmental kick (though she does drive a hybrid!), but because she and Jeff sat down and figured out what on earth 3 years of disposable diapers would cost their family of four. Let’s just say, we could buy a lot of malaria nets with the money.

And, dag-nab-it! Erin did beautifully! Wrapping, swaddling, washing, velcro-ing those diapers 15 times a day for the twins…what a warrior mama! That is until she realize time vs. the effort was not paying off as she’d hoped…especially after the 2 rambunctious boys started moving, peeing, moving, peeing some more…let’s just say it has been a little more disasterous than dreamy!

And that’s OKAY! No really! If you are looking for permission to change your mind on any of your “must-have’s” pre-reality-motherhood, just watch this video, because WE GIVE IT TO YOU! 😉 Promise! The theme is grace! Grace to choose what is best for your family (and that varies depending on your family)…and grace to choose sometimes what is plain-old-easiest.

Want to feel better about your mothering decisions? Take 6 minutes and spend it with Erin and me. After, LIKE our video, SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel (thanks to the huge upswing!!), and COMMENT BELOW…what’s working or not working for you and cloth diapers? We’d love to know!

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Until next post, warrior mamas and papas, journey on!



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