No Drama for You, Mama…Purging So-Called Friends

by rebecca on November 29, 2012

Oh, Ladies…we are amazing at creating, continuing, perpetuating drama in general. Aren’t we? At least we WERE (you know, before maturity kicked in)! But now that we have families, isn’t it time to weed through some of those friends who just don’t get it, and move on to finding kindred spirits (to quote Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables)?

I was listening to a podcast recently about being a friend, and the speaker said, “In today’s culture, we use the term “friend” a little too loosely…like having 679 friends on Facebook? Really? Do they know you inside and out? Your greatest fears or your greatest dreams? Yeah, probably not…and if they do then you are posting way too much on FB!” It’s funny, but it’s also completely true.

But now you are a mom. Time is precious. Energy is even more precious. And though priorities are almost dictated to you by life and the responsibilities involved with being a mom, you also come to realize you have to hold on to your true and fast friends with voracity. They will be your life jacket when the sea waters become rough; they will be your comic relief when things just get a little too serious; they will be your sanity when you finally lose yours; and they will love you even when you lose the love for yourself.

Because friends become vital to our existence as women (in such a different way than men), it is time to start choosing your friends (those who will accompany you on this crazy journey of life) wisely. So what qualities do you need to look for? What is important during this time? And what (who) can you dare to let go of?

Join Erin and Rebecca for in-depth look at friendships and what to expect of them once you’re done expecting!

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Just Another Night Of Endless Possibilities


I know I’m preaching to the choir…because currently you’re reading our blog because you found us on YouTube, and pinning on Pinterest, and Facebook messaging with a friend, while tuning into the results show of The Voice.  Or is that just me?  :)

I sit here in the quiet of my home…kids are at their dad’s and the neighbor’s dogs are quiet for once…and am wondering if I should self-diagnose my self with adult on-set of ADD.  (I’m totally being sarcastic, but you already know me…so you forgive me!)  I can’t focus . I have an aversion to working the job that actually pays me.  And instead I’m pondering if the flannel shirts I saved from my dad’s Goodwill pile will actually turn out cute if I add the vintage lace and pearl buttons…or will it just look like a lame attempt at urban cowgirl chic.

Yes, this is the disease otherwise known as motherhood.  You know.  The life that finally belongs to you after 8pm when the kids head to bed.  The night, which may be “old” to some, is YOUNG to us moms who finally have a moment to sit (wait, don’t sit, you have a sink full of dirty dishes…take a moment, finish those, then sit!) and be US!

I think I have a hard time focusing because I want to do too many things.  (And for all things holy, why on earth did I decide Pinterest was a time-saver??)  I feel like the “Round 1” bell goes off as soon as the kids’ heads hit their pillows and I’m off running the race of being all that I can be without the constraints of being a mom, keeper of the home, etc.  But what is it all for?

Maybe it’s to prove I still exist outside of the title of “mom”.  Maybe it’s to work through a to-do list, even a fun list, without being interrupted by pesky things like homework, dinner, or blow drying hair after showers.  Maybe it’s because I don’t want to lose the piece of me that loves to create, loves to dream, loves to push myself to add just one more thing to my plate.  And maybe, just maybe, feeding that part of my soul makes me a better mom!

So, today, despite how crazy it may seem, do something that YOU love!  Do something that feeds your soul.  Do something that reminds you of who you are deep down inside.  And then revel in that passion…purpose…identity.

For you were created for such a time as this!


I’m off to really work now, promise…after I answer the FB message from my friend…who I know is sitting on her couch reading magazines, pinning, and watching the Real Housewives of Orange County as she messages me!  Yes, it’s contagious!  Hee!




When Is The “Right” Time to Add a Sibling?

by rebecca on November 26, 2012

Dare we even suggest we know when on earth to add another baby to your family? Is there a magical equation that concerns time, money, sanity, and maybe some more money that will signal to you that NOW is the right time? Is there a point when right isn’t really even right…instead it’s looking at what is best for your family as a unit? And really, who are we (all of us) to pretend we can control the universe, let alone when we get pregnant?

Makes you want to watch 7 minutes of a discussion that I’ve basically said doesn’t matter much, huh?? But WAIT!

You’ll want to watch because sooner or later you will grapple with this question (unless you just popped out your 21st baby…and in that case…beautiful job, well done, time to close up shop) whether your baby is 12 months, 2 years, or 10 years old. It will even happen to those couples who said from the very beginning they only wanted ONE child. You or your spouse will experience the inevitable “heart prick” which is completely normal and okay!

Join Erin and Rebecca as they just give some of their own musings and insights into their own thoughts about the subject, Erin being a mommy of 8-month-old twins, and Rebecca being a mom to a 7 and 9-year-old.

Disclaimer…there is really no “right” time to become pregnant…you will survive any way, either way, whatever way life serves you whatever it serves you! This is the victory of the human spirit, to make the best of what “IS” and to let go of what you thought should be. But, hey, that’s too deep for a YouTube description…so just click PLAY and enjoy! We promise we’re funny too!

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You’d think we’d have had enough of the sleep topics for your little babies, and yet, here’s another! :) Sleep training! What is it and how do you do it?

The greatest myth is that little sack of potatoes you bring home “knows” exactly how to sleep. You know…all the intricacies involved in falling asleep…all the things you and I don’t think about (and we know you are almost asleep right now! LOL!) because you and I KNOW how to fall asleep.

And yet, you think babies would know instinctively how to do something they’re designed to do the majority of their days and nights. And yet, they do NOT! Oh, boy. This is where the fun mantra runs through your mind, “What on earth have I done to my old life?”

Yep. And now the ACTIVE PARENTING begins! (Breathe, breathe, in and out…it will be fine! You can totally rock this!)

Your baby “knows” how to be tired. He or she definitely knows how to tell you he/she is tired. (Watch the video on Sleep Cues if not.) Now it is up to you to teach them how to meet this need. And if you don’t, let us just say, we might feel sorry for you a tinsy-weensie bit, but then we’ll put our babes to sleep and have a cup of coffee (or some other liquid treat), watch a flick, and maybe even paint our toenails! YEEHAW!

How do you also catch a chick flick with painted toenails and a drink in hand? Well, watch Erin and Rebecca discuss how to sleep train your baby! It’s easy when they’re little…and gets harder and harder the older they get (darn that child development). So, it’s never to start on the road to sanity and a little peace and quiet! :)

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Does Your Baby Have Preferences and Opinions?

by rebecca on November 12, 2012

Oh, the human condition…to exert our will over any others’ will, whether or not my will is “right, legit, founded, or even sane.” It’s the ultimate struggle that you will have as that precious little one’s parent from their infancy until death do you part. Seriously. Oh, sorry! This is supposed to be encouraging! Well, here it comes!! :)

We parents will more than likely fall into the trap of believing that our 0-12 month old has legitimate opinions based on reasoning and logic. Ultimately we believe they have the life experience and personal inventory to decide whether or not they “like” something or not. Yes, that’s a broad assumption. BUT we are two fairly intelligent girls (on a good day) who have fallen into this trap over and over again, especially when dealing with our infants, toddlers, and, for Rebecca, her elementary aged kids.

We ALL do it. We all think that there is a “magic recipe” for making our little ones “happy”, forget the fact that it may not be sane, healthy, reasonable, respectful, or even helpful for your parenting down the road. So, they have to have their perfect blanket, the right stuffed animal, the amber necklace around their neck, the ONE pacifier they love, the perfect music, the perfect WHATEVER…and then all will go smoothly. Right? You tell yourself that, right? :) We know you do! Because we did too!

So, how do you help expand your infant’s world (and soon to be crawler, toddler, preschooler, schooler, etc) so they are able to experience different things without being “jaded” to new experiences? How do you, as the parent, maintain control of your home, while allowing your child age-appropriate room to make decisions and exert independence? And how do you keep yourself from asking the inevitable “is what I’m doing as a parent OKAY with you?” If we had a $1 for every time a parent asked this question to their children somewhere in the world, well, Bill Gates would literally look poor in comparison. LOL!

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And until next post- may the parenting force be with you!