Isolation: The “Side Effect” of Motherhood

by rebecca on January 21, 2013

Oh, mamas. Oh mama…you are not alone. Whatever you are feeling right now, we have been there, done that…especially if you are feeling a bit isolated (even though ironically there is another human being with you almost all the time, right??)!

It’s a weird phenomena that happens once the “excitement” of having that baby dies down and life returns to its “new normal”. That new normal that requires that hourly, day in-day out care of everyone else (even the chickens…no joke…just watch until the end of the video) but yourself. And then you hit naptime…that glorious time when your little one hits the hay and you have a choice…shower or become best friends with the characters on General Hospital (you know which one won in my house!)? And then the isolation continues.

It will be normal, especially if you are used to be a working mama and are now staying at home. And a little bit of “now what?” does exist…and throw in a little “who am I because I forgot?”…and top it off with “I don’t feel like myself at all” and you can have a recipe for disaster…not just isolation, but a possible road to depression.

How on earth do you recognize the warning signs, and what can you do about it? So glad you asked…can’t wait for you to WATCH this video! And once you do, LIKE it, SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel (thanks so much for doing so!! We’re so encouraged!), and COMMENT BELOW…how are you really doing?? We’d love to hear from you!

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Until next post…don’t forget to shower and phone a friend. 😉



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