Can Hubbies and Wives Have Individual Friends of the Opposite Gender? What’cha Think?

by rebecca on January 7, 2013

So, admittedly, this is a departure from where Erin and I usually reside in “mommyhood-and-all-things-baby-land” and instead we find ourselves really chewing on the nitty-gritty of marriage and the question, can your hubby have a friend who is a girl, or can you have a friend who is a guy?

I suppose it comes back to that infamous question in “When Harry Met Sally” when Billy Crystal adamantly states, “Men and women cannot be friends.” Of course, Sally argues the opposite, and through years and adventures and interesting food, they end up falling in love. Hmmm…

So, you’ve found your “Harry” and your hubby has found his “Sally”…the question is can you have a friend besides your Harry, that is not necessarily friends with Harry as well. It’s so sticky for sure, because we “Sallies” would love to say, “Yes, yes because I genuinely and altruistically non-romantically care for my friend”…but in the back of our minds we know Harry is right.

And more importantly, we recognize marriage is a commitment, a relationship in which we have to live out “honor” to our spouse every day, even when the decision that has to be made can make us grieve what “was.” Nothing, however, is enough for us to forsake our spouse and the vows we made to them.

Basically, I’ve spoiled our position. However, it’s interesting to see these real issues crop up even in the midst of healthy and honest relationships. Which, I must say, is a blessing for Erin and Jeff…that there is amazing communication, a commitment to speak the truth in love, and to honor in word and deed what they vowed to each other years ago! Truth be told, I love my friend…my sweet friend Erin, who shares her heart and struggles here with you on YouTube. She’s basically awesome…like on a cellular level.

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